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Store Ownership Opportunities

Join our team!

While all Libby Hill Seafood Restaurants are built, equipped and owned by the Corporation, they are managed by licensed owner/operators.

The only financial investment required of an owner/operator is an initial outlay for the restaurant's product inventory. The owner/operator is responsible for staffing and managing the restaurant as a privately-owned business while adhering to the menu, quality, pricing and sanitation standards set by Libby Hill Seafood Restaurants, Inc. Most inventory items are purchased by owner/operators from the Corporation, and a percentage of the purchase price covers the cost of building and equipment rental and the cost of the administrative support provided by the Corporation.

Highly-qualified Libby Hill employees are always the first to learn about owner/operator opportunities, but should an ownership opportunity arise, we will keep you posted here at our web site, and we will let you know when there are openings for warehouse personnel or for wait staff, kitchen personnel or cashiers at Libby Hill's various restaurant locations.



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