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Our Seafood

We bring the coast to you!

Our seafood comes from all points of the compass, including such favorites as clams, shrimp, salmon, crab

Our slogan, "We Bring the Coast to you!" is no idle boast -- Libby Hill travels the world over to find the best and the freshest seafood.

For example, our trout comes from factory trawlers that fish just south of Africa's Cape of Good Hope (1). The Atlantic perch and clams come to us from New England (2). We get our flounder and whitefish from Alaska (3), scallops from Canada (4), and oysters from either the Gulf or Atlantic coasts (5), depending on the time of year. Salmon comes to us from Chile (6), shrimp comes in from the North Carolina (7) coast, from the Gulf Coast, and from Guyana (8) on the northern coast of South America.

With so many sources around the world, one might wonder how our food is so fresh and affordable. The secret is simple: Libby Hill skips the middleman and purchase straight from the local seafood harvesters.That means that the seafood we serve is processed, handled and shipped our way, no matter where it's caught, straight from the harvestors to our distribution center in Greensboro, NC, from which it is delivered to the restaurants on trucks that go out every morning. This insures that the seafood we serve has the just-caught taste and texture that you would expect to find dock-side -- all at a price that is easy on your wallet.

Our attention to freshness and quality carries over to the kitchens in each Libby Hill Seafood Restaurant. Basically, If you want fresher-tasting seafood, you'll have to go fishing!


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